First night at sea off Western Sahara

Everyone is asleep except me (Nicholas). Watch keeping at night can be good time for reflection.

As you might have seen on our Instagram account @sailing.tortuga, we only just made it to the starting line due to last minute technical problems. The wind vane just stopped working this morning and had to be changed. Thanks to Juan Carlos and his team at Rolnautic in Las Palmas we made it! It would have been absolutely unbearable for us if we had missed the start of the rally after so much work and preparation.

Many thanks also to Hanna’s and Kajsa’s parents as well as the Samuelsson’s from Berglärkan for all the support and wonderful company during the past week!

It’s a little windy tonight for my taste but our Tortuga and her crew of all ages are managing well. We’ve got 28-38 knots (14-19 m/s) of wind and 2-4 meter waves coming from behind. We’re doing 6-12 knots and perhaps 7 knots on average depending on how we surf down waves. We’ve got a conservative sail setting and are maximising comfort over speed.

Extra comfort and pleasure is sailing with 76 other ARC+ boats. Their lights on the horizon all around and voices that come up on the radio to check how things are going make all the difference.

The night sky is clear. It’s fascinating how the stars become much more visible to the naked eye with no light pollution nearby. The first time I saw it I was blown away. Beautiful!

We’re so thankful to be on our way to Cape Verde!

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