Parasailing down waves at 16.8 knots

Update day 3 (after 56h at sea)
Distance sailed from Las Palmas: 390 NM
Distance to Mindelo: 490 NM
Fish caught: 0 (!)

In the morning after the first night the fleet had spread out considerably and we found ourselves in the second half. The winds were still quite strong during the day (14-18m/s N) but we flew the parasailor in a stable manner and caught up with many of the boats ahead of us.

Wobbly sea state but only Liv and Hanna were a little sea sick. We were happy to have prepared a lot of food so we could serve a nice pulled pork for dinner.

Entering the second night the forecast indicated moderate winds and we decided to leave the Parasailor up. However around 22pm the wind was climbing upwards and all four adults were called on deck to help taking the sail down. It’s not preferred to do at night as it requires 1 or 2 crew on foredeck, but it went smoothly. The rest of the night we sailed with two reefs in the main to avoid having to make another sail change during the night. We are following the same schedule as our last crossing with 2,5h watches from 22-08.

Now the sea has begun to calm down just as the winds (10m/s) so we are cruising at around 7kn flying the parasailor and everyone is starting to settle in into the passage rythm. We can see 6-7 other boats on the AIS-plotter and some of them visually on the horizon. Sea sickness starting to fade away for everyone and we are moving away from the “resting phase” into games, cooking, reading and schooling.

Unfortunately a large wind hole seems to be spreading out ahead of us the coming days so we’ll have to see what speeds we can make. At some point we might have to turn the engines on. It is allowed but giving us some punishment in the competition (lower factors in calm winds than if you run the engine in stronger winds).

Going into the third night we’re planning on leaving the Parasailor up again. This time we hope to keep it up all night.

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