Squid, Kajsas birthday and only 200 NM to go

I’ve (Nicholas) just sat myself down for the first time during my night shift after fighting a big squid on one of our rods. I’m really surprised by how strong it was and the very different behaviour it had compared to other fish. Hanna wasn’t too impressed though, so it went back into the sea once I managed to get the hook out. We’ll share photos once we get WiFi.

We’ve had very relaxed sailing for a day or two now and only have 200 NM to go. The wind has been giving us 8-16 knots, the sun has been shining and the sea temperature has reached 26 degrees. We will hopefully make landfall in Mindelo, Cape Verde, some time around lunch on Saturday.

Tomorrow Friday 12 November is Kajsa’s birthday and we’re all gearing up for celebration onboard! If you want to get a birthday message to Kajsa, her father Per-Arne and our common neighbour at Berglärkan Malin know how to reach us at sea.
Kajsa will be up in 15 minutes to take over after my shift so I need to log off to practice my singing now…

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