Routing strategy uncertain

We’re progressing, but slowly, in very light winds today after a nice first day’s sail yesterday.

The start of our second leg from Mindelo went much better than that of our first from Las Palmas where we had technical problems that delayed us.

The weather systems are out of balance (in case anyone hadn’t noticed). There are a couple of low pressure systems north of the direct ARC+ route from Mindelo, Cape Verde, to George Town, Grenada, resulting in very light winds en direct route. Our original plan was to go south to 12 degrees north and then head west but having done the math we’ve changed our minds and are going to go slightly closer to the direct route for now as it is a 150-200 NM shorter route with only slightly weaker winds. But it’s very difficult to judge so our routing strategy remains very uncertain.

We’re all well and enjoying our experience although Kajsa has been feeling a bit off for a few days but is better now.

We’re going to do as much home schooling as possible during the crossing so that the kids can enjoy time off in the Caribbean once we get there. Other than that, the children are busy playing games and drawing/painting pictures. The adults are trying to get some rest in between watches.

The fishing lines are out and we’re hoping for more luck than we’ve had so far.

Please keep your fingers and toes crossed for fair winds, calm seas and lots of fish!

We would love to hear from you!