Cinnamon rolls

Distance sailed from La Rochelle: 3339 NM
Distance sailed from Cape Verde: 912 NM
Distance to Grenada: 1304 NM
Fish caught: 0

The half moon lights up the night so that there’s contrast between sea and sky, which is nice although it takes away some of the wonder of the stars. We’re quite happy with our rotating watch schedule where we split the night in 2,5h watches (the first one in the evening is 3,5h). With the light winds we’ve had during this passage we haven’t had any sail changes that required extra hands on deck at night yet.

Wednesday lunch the wind decreased to 2-3m/s which is not enough to fill the sail and also competition wise it pays off to use the engines which we did for a couple of hours. But before that we ticked off another bucket list item and had a swim in the calm sea!

Since Wednesday evening we’re sailing again and making decent speed towards Grenada, hopefully the wind will increase yet a few knots the coming days. We have the ARC-catamaran Navillus right behind us on the same course, keeping us on our toes with trimming and we are happy with how well Tortuga performs. The updates of the standings of the whole fleet every 4h is a highlight and we are fiddling with the correction factors in an excel sheet which tells us we’re doing quite OK.

Otherwise the days pass by. We had one failed attempt with cinnamon roll dough in the bread machine, but yesterday Harriet and Hanna made the dough manually filling the boat with delicious smells of fresh baked rolls! We e-mail with friends back home, manage some laundry, make bread and yoghurt, fixed a leaking pipe, make Christmas drawings, play some guitar and got an Atlantic quiz sent from one of our Norwegian buddy boats.

We’ve passed 1/3 and have started planning for our halfway party! Hopefully with some nice winds the second half will be faster! Still no fish… Arggh!

Take care!

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