The Crew

For the first leg of the journey from La Rochelle in France in August to Grenada in the Caribbean in December the crew will consist of two families – the Tengelins and the Humlén-Kirbes – who are neighbours back home in Göteborg in Sweden.


The Tengelins

Hanna (39) and Nicholas (39) have three daughters Harriet (9), Tekla (7) and Liv (4) and live in Göteborg in Sweden.

Hanna is a management consultant at Sigholm Tech and Nicholas is responsible for Business and Retailer Development at Volvo Cars Sweden. Harriet has just completed her third year at Hagen School in Göteborg and Tekla has just completed her first. Hanna and Nicholas will be home schooling Harriet and Tekla onboard S/Y Tortuga throughout the year away. Liv is taking a year’s break from her preschool Östra Palmgrensgatan in Göteborg.


The Humlén-Kirbes

Kajsa (38) and Erik (39) have one daughter Ruth (7) and one son Harry (5) and live in Göteborg in Sweden.

Kajsa works with sustainability and quality at ICA. Erik is responsible for PV solar at SellPower. Ruth has just completed her first year at Påvelund School in Göteborg. Kajsa and Erik will be home schooling Ruth throughout their stay onboard S/Y Tortuga. Harry is taking half a year’s break from his preschool Östra Palmgrensgatan in Göteborg.