Travel plan

After well over a year of COVID anxiety and restrictions, life is beginning to return. It has never in our lives been more clear than now that we want to be living fast and slow. Fast as in living now whilst we’re able. Slow as in taking the time to experience rather than rushing through.

So we’ve taken a leap of faith. We’ve taken our children out of school, paused our careers and emptied our bank accounts for a family adventure of a life time.

Our journey will start in France in the beginning of August where we will take delivery of our new Lagoon 42 catamaran Tortuga.

September and October will see us sail Galicia, the Portugese Atlantic coast and the Canary Islands. In November we will cross the Atlantic with the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers with a stopover in Cape Verde and finally making landfall in Grenada and the Caribbean.

The Humlén Kirbes will end their part of the journey with a month ashore in Grenada.

The Tengelins and Tortuga will island hop up through the Caribbean islands December through March. April and May will see us sailing the Bahamas before crossing over to the Chesapeak Bay on the US East Coast for the grand finale in June and July.


  1. Anette Ahlin

    Hej Tekla!
    Jag heter Jesper och har börjat i din klass på Hagenskolan.
    Din kompis Ruth berättade om er sång-låt och den har jag nu lyssnat på Spotify på. Kul! Och va bra den är!
    Spännande och titta på er seglingsledare som ni gör.
    HälsningarJesper som nu har sportlov i Tänndalen.

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